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2010-12-11, Saturday

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Problems with project compilation under RAD 7.0 boundled with WAS 6.1

2010-11-25, Thursday

If You have error log with below codes:
SRVE0203E  SRVE0206E  SRVE0187E  SRVE0210I  SRVE0234I

Then just read carefully given error log (each path, line by line) and find the path which You’ve set incorrectly.

* IBM developerWorks

unparsed aapt error s check the console for output

2010-11-20, Saturday

Błąd pojawił się u mnie się po utworzeniu, a następnie usunięciu pliku .xml w projekcie.

Rozwiązanie, które mi pomogło to:

1. Otwieram perspektywę Problems.

2. Zaznaczam błąd o treści “unparsed aapt error s check the console for output”

3. Kasuję go.

4. Przebudowuję cały projekt.

źródło rozwiązania:

Problems with Samsung Galaxy i7500

2010-11-20, Saturday

Since August 2010 I have problems with my Galaxy.

Here device details:

Country: Poland
Operator: Play Mobile
Model number: Galaxy
Android version: 1.5
Baseband: I7500XXIJ1 (PL: Wersja oprogramowania telefonu)
Kernel: 2.6.27 hudson@andy#1
Build number: 76XXCSDCBALUM6375 (PL: umer kompilacji)

And here are problems that I have with it:

PROBLEM 1: Batterry.

It run out very quickly. Firstly the device can’t get even 1 day!!! The reason was device cover/case. Firstly I’ve just cutted a whole near to the camera button. And it helped a little. After it device could go 3-4 days without charging, but only if I just type sms messages, do a calls, turn out 3g and don’t do anything else… Currently my daily routines with device are: all the time on 3g turn on, sync on all the time, once a day use wifi connection (about 30 min email checks and internet browsing), type sms messages, use facebook app, browse internet, read emails via default gmail app, use gtalk (non stop connected). Sometimes I take a photo and occasionally use gmaps with gps.

PROBLEM 2: Device turn off/restart.

PROBLEM 3: Problems with speaker after using headset (listening music, etc.)

PROBLEM 1: At about August device started to regulary turn off. After reading few forums and posts on internet I’ve decided to put it on guarantee service


Despite of those problems (and beacouse of no moneys for new device i wish to have 😉 i try to resolve above problems if I had a little free time for it. I read different forums and blogs, and I’ve noticed, that people who change defauls ROM/OS for custom seems to not have above mentioned problems. Currently I’m reading about two custom ROMs (installation guidelines & users impressions) and thinking about change ROM on my device. If it won’t help, I try to carry one till I could change my device for other… I think about one of two belows custom ROMS:

2) Galaxo

Actually I must update my knowledge about what are:
* What is ROM?
* What does mean to flash ROM?
* What is radio (ie. xejc6)?
* What is recovery (6.4 etc.)?
* What does mean to wipe?
* What is odin?

— Sources:

Cannot refer to a non-final variable an inner class defined in a different method

2010-11-20, Saturday


I had a problem with compiling my Android project. While trying to compile, the error


Founded @

How to connect to database on Android emulator (at OSX)?

2010-11-20, Saturday

1. Run your emulator and check the port on which he’s running.

2. Connect to the emulator via shell (terminal)

Use command:
$ adb -s <emulatorId> shell

My example:
$ adb -s emulator-5554 shell

Hint: to list all active emulators use command:
$ adb devices

3. Each Android database is hold in a file .

The path pattern to your db file is (while you connected to emulator):

# /data/data/<your_app_package>/databases

So just go there to see your databases, in my example it looks like this:

# cd /data/data/
# ls

4. Open your database.

So now, while I know which db I want to open I do this:

# sqlite3 /data/data/
SQLite version 3.6.22
Enter “.help” for instructions
Enter SQL statements terminated with a “;”

5. Manage your DB and execute queries

Now, when I’m connected to my database I can manage my db and execute some queries, here’s example:

sqlite> .tables
sqlite> select * from users_tab;

* Android Debug Bridge | Android Developers
* Command Line Shell For SQLite

Problems with internet connection over WiFi

2010-11-11, Thursday

Latlety me and my roommates have had a problems with internet connection. Firtstly the connection start to beeing slower. Next while I thought that somebody has broken into our network, so I’ve connected via LAN and turn off WiFii connection. After this, when I was connected only via LAN, everything works fine. But if I try to connect any other device via LAN or WiFi, the conection started to fail and I can’t load any site on any device. Everything started about 1 month ago. Ealier I didn’t have any problems with creation and work on this network. After many attempts I’ve found on internet article that give me an idea that the problem wasn’t bad configuration but router or modem. So in about couple of days I’ve bought new router, install and configure it on my network, and gues what… It works 🙂

Here are pieces of my local network:
1) ISP – UPC Poland
2) MODEM – Scientific Atlanta Webstart EPC 2203
3) ROUTER: Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54GL on default software (ealier: Pentagram Cerberus WiFi 802.11g Lite)
4) DEVICES: 4 laptops that have built in wifi cards that runs on OSX, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista. 3 mobile devices with internal WiFi cards: Samsung Galaxy GT-i7500, Nokia, Samsung Monte

1) When I was runnning on ealier router (Pentagram) I had problems with internet connection on Samsung Galaxy i7500. After router change everything works fine. But I’m not sure that the source of those problems was router.

FIXME Problem on dealing with receiving SMS messages on my app.

2010-10-18, Monday


I found couple of different tutorials about dealing with SMS messages on android. Something I actually want to do is start new Activity that show text “GOTCHA!!!” on receive SMS containing message “TriggerGotchaActivity”. When I found a solution I’ll put it below.


Founded, I’ll try to post it clearly as soon as possible.

Eclipse IDE shortcuts for Mac OS X

2010-10-18, Monday

[Command] + [F8] – change perspective (java, debug, etc.)

Problem with importing IntentReceiver

2010-10-18, Monday



I had problem with importing IntentReceiver class during dig some Android tutorial.


Import android.content.BroadcastReceiver class instead of IntentReceiver. IntentReceiver was replaced by BroadcastRecever.

I’ve found above solution at: Android Developers Google Group